Xploring More Asian Art and Antiques

2nd Mar 2023

Xploring More Asian Art and Antiques

Where does my love of Asian antiques originate? From a house full of glorious finds from all over the Asia rim. Dad was stationed around the Pacific pre WWII, during and into the Korean conflict.

As I've written before, Asian influences started with Dad but that was just part of my parents' collections. It continued with Mom. She loved jade puzzle balls, snuff bottles and Asian art. Don't even think about all the beautiful fans, statues and vases she collected. And, Asian flowed into her choices of dinnerware, clothing and house décor. She managed to change her entire environment into a love of Asian in the later stages of her life. Truly remarkable and I treasure the pieces I've gotten from her. 

My turn to collect! And, it is a joy to fill LifeXplore (all of these are linked so you can xplore!) with cloisonnébrass sculpturesvases, and works of art from all over Asia. Xplore pieces from ChinaJapan and Indonesia. Shop something extraordinary in jade. Maybe something with flowers, or for flowers. Take your time and enjoy. 

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