What's So Special About Our Violet Glass Storage System? Laughs in the Face of Single Use Consumerism

14th Sep 2023

What's So Special About Our Violet Glass Storage System? Laughs in the Face of Single Use Consumerism

LifeXplore Violet Glass is simply the best way to package light sensitive products. Over and over and over again. It's that's simple. 

The unique structure of the glass means quality of product is maintained over a significant time period. The light waves blocked are harmful and lets in the good light. This keeps light sensitive products fresher longer - saving your hard earned cash over and over again. 

LifeXplore Violet Glass: 

  • ensures the potency of the product stored is maintained
  • ensures the taste is maintained 
  • allows for the full storage life of your products 
  • maintains the energetics of your whole foods 
  • naturally airtight and odor mingling proof 
  • has a huge range of other uses looks sexy as hell on your kitchen bench 
  • laughs in the face of single use consumerism 

Use Your Jars, over and over again.... 

We highly highly encourage you to NOT recycle your LifeXplore Violet Glass storage containers. You read that right. We want you to REPURPOSE them. Safe for the dishwasher, refrigerator, hot and cold. 

These precious jars, bottles and bowls have several other uses, here are just a few ideas. 

  • Store your home grown herbs. 
  • Use for cannabis airtight storage. 
  • In the kitchen, use for light sensitive products like flours, nuts and spices for product longevity. 
  • Use for expensive cosmetics in the bathroom. 
  • Create your own house wine (pour all the left over reds together).
  • Have a week's worth of bottles for juicing or water distilling. 

Check out the various storage jars and storage bottles available for purchase here. If you are interesting in multiples for your use, crafting or presents - bulk pricing is offered. 

Be Creative! These are glass! 

Let your spirit guide you, and create both for use and beauty what your space craves. 

  • Labels - any will do. Just make sure to use a label you get eventually get the glue off so you can recycle your piece to another use. 
  • Broken jewelry? Recycle as an ornament for your jar. A bracelet is the perfect size for the 500 ml apothecary jar. A bracelet made with elastic thread works for any of the jars depending on size. Or, wrap a necklace around the neck of the jar to make an interesting dangle. 
  • Vinyl word art is wonderful on these jars. Apply like you would to any glass. 
  • Etch glass supplies are available at the craft store. 
  • Try using a rogue Christmas ornament or glitter the lid. 
  • Use crystals to create an interesting pattern.
  • Try using glass paint and stencils from the local craft store. Followed the directions, and created many holiday presents. (See photos to kick start your creativity!)
  • Change the cap with a fancy pour spout or interesting closure.