Back to Airline Travel? 5 Important Tips to Counter Travel Stress

6th Jul 2021

Back to Airline Travel? 5 Important Tips to Counter Travel Stress

With all the COVID shutdowns, the airlines are rebounding to full flights - and a few less routes. Plan accordingly that travel will be a bit more stressful than usual. Mostly because we are all a bit out of practice on the ways to combat travel stress and fatigue. 

  1. Drink lots of water! Bring along a high quality water filter bottle if you don't have access to bottled water (or don't want to pay the high price!) Use our Food/Liquid Energy Card to revitalize the water and help clear toxins. This will also energize food - especially when you may only have access to highly processed foods. 
  2. Avoid high caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol. At least till you arrive at your destination. These can cause blood congestion, head aches and indigestion. Caffeine also inhibits changing your sleep pattern to a new time zone. 
  3. Use antioxidant supplements to minimize radiation and other free radical stress. Chlorella, high quality algae, wheatgrass and green food supplements can be helpful in protecting against radiation and reducing brain, body and adrenal stress.
  4. Use melatonin for jet lag time zone adjustment. A low dose melatonin one hour before bed can be helpful. To help adjust your biological clock, go to bed at the normal time for the new time zone and awake to get early daylight.
  5. Exercise during your flight. Get up, stretch and walk if your flight is many hours. Try chair yoga, stretches or other close quarter exercise. Increase oxygen with breathing exercises before flying and using stabilized oxygen water.