14 Uses of Vintage Perfume Bottles Beyond Your Vanity

23rd Mar 2023

14 Uses of Vintage Perfume Bottles Beyond Your Vanity

A lovely way to reuse a vintage perfume bottle is to display on a vanity. But beyond that, there are so many easy ways to reuse perfume bottles. 

Taking zero credit for these photos - just thankful for creative people that share. What LifeXplore is good at is the creative supplies to do your DIY project. Shop these ideas: 

Here's a few we found around the web. 

1. Refill With Your Own Perfume Blend 

YouTube Has a zillion how to's on creating your own signature perfume. Just showing one very popular post. 

(Applies to essential oil blends as well.) 

2. Create a Flower Show

Use multiple sizes to display different types of flower blooms. Make an entire table scape or just one of your favorite flowers from your garden (florist!)

3. Create a Piece of Jewelry

4. Create Place Card Holders

5. Make a Pretty Jewelry and Hair Tie Holder

6. Create or Add to a Chandelier

7. Change the Stoppers to Bring the Look Together

8. Use Partially Full Bottles as a Closet Sachet

9. Turn a Bottle or Bottles Into a Suncatcher Ornament

10. Use as a Candleholder

11. Reuse as a Reed Room Diffuser

12. Create a Chandelier

13. Make a "perfume" tree (or wreath) using perfume bottles as ornaments

14. If you are looking for ideas on how to reuse, recreate, DIY perfume bottles (and other types of bottles) - Pinterest has lots of ideas of course.