1890's Findlay Onxy Glass Pitcher with Metal Lid

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Findlay Onyx Glass pitcher made with silver. The silver gives the glass a beautiful, rich color.

In the 1890's, Findlay produced Onyx glass for a 6 month period. Because of the expensive production cost and lack sales, they stopped production.

No reproductions were made.

When held to the light there is a fiery color given off by the silver.

In 1977, was valued at $335 in its condition. In pristine condition it was valued at $435. Currently, from seller descriptions across the two current, active listings and past sold listings - most of these have cracked glass bodies and/or restored lids. Prices range from $119 to $1,200.

6 3/4" tall.

The glass body is in excellent condition. No chips, or cracks.

Metal lid is missing top finial. One hinge is not on its pin - see video.

Metal lid stamp - " Pat. APR 28,81 to MAR 28, 82"