Nippon Floral Pattern Matte Finish Vase | Antique

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Nippon Floral Pattern Matte Finish Vase in blue, yellow and gold. Antique.

Beautiful flower vase to be displayed or used as a vase. This lovely color combination of yellow migrating into blue with pink flowers and gold accents.

The porcelain mark is from the Takito company. Takito 1880-1948 is mostly known as one of those specializing on the Luster ware type of decoration originally developed by the Noritake company but pieces with moriage decoration in Moriage a'la Kyoto Satsuma on porcelain, are also common. Between 1891 to 1921 the products should be marked "Nippon". Marks later than 1945 usually comes with the addition of "Made in Occupied Japan". (

This beautiful hand painted Japanese matte porcelain floral vase is in good condition with wear commensurate with age. No major chips or cracks to notate.

5L x 4W x 7.5H