Labradorite Hand Carved Inca Face Ring | Size 8.5 | NWT

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Labradorite Hand Carved Ring with an Inca Face. Sterling silver setting. Size 8.5 (can gently squeeze to adjust slightly.)

Amazing ring! Great depth of color with the Labradorite in the greens and blues leaves no doubt that this is natural stone. 

Stands up with other jewelry as a unique piece. Wear with jeans or a cocktail dress. Your absolute go-to ring. 

Natural Labradorite and sterling silver. 

1.5" H x .75" W

Labradorite is a calcium enriched feldspar mineral first identified in Labrador, Canada. Labradorite can give off a beautiful iridescent effect. Labradorite is a dreamer's stone. Helps you connect with your divine self, wisdom and areas of your subconscious. Rub Labradorite to help reduce anxiety and self doubting.