Balinese Sari Sari Dream Mask

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This vintage dream mask is a creation from Bali's World Renown Artist Wak Jaka.

This mas uses the Waru wood at its best. The coloration on the check is a natural color from the wood itself. This allows the forehead and hair to naturally become leaves. A sign of Jaka's brilliant use of the wood to inspire the face to morph into nature.

This piece is unfinished - no painting or lacquer. Natural art piece!

Came by this mask when importing from an Indonesian art collector.

Artist Wak Jaka from his website:

SaraSari is the name of Wak Jaka’s wood carving studio/workshop in Bali, Indonesia. Wak is an experienced creator of exclusive and beautifully crafted handmade wooden masks. A self-taught artist, Wak (born in 1970) has been designing and carving wooden masks since he was a child.

Dream mask sculptures each represent an exclusive physical manifestation of the spirit world to their creator, Wak Jaka, as well as an abstract expression of Balinese culture. “In Bali, each piece of art has a spirit or soul waiting to come into being”, says Wak, “it joins together with the spirit of its creator during this process”.

Carving the wood into a mask form is both a spiritual meditation and a creative challenge for Wak. “The wood is sacred and I have trained myself to listen to its ideas and follow it’s guidance”. Many masks depict the human face morphing into animal expressions or plant features.

Believing that each mask carries a meaningful message to be explored by its admirers, Wak experiments with dream motifs as they apply to the full range of emotions and the human subconscious. The wood used for Jaka’s mask sculptures is extracted from the ‘Waru’ tree, a plant that is sacred to the Balinese.

Wak works jointly with other talented balinese – who know also the art of wood carving masks – when there are orders in large amount. All of them are from the Banjar Batanancak, in Mas Village, Ubud District.