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SaraSari Masks

SaraSari Dream of Nature


SaraSari is Bali’s Pioneer in Handmade Wood Mask Carving Sculptures

SaraSari is the name of Wak Jaka’s wood carving studio and workshop in Bali. Wak is an experienced creator of exclusive and beautifully crafted handmade wooden masks. A self taught artist, Wak (born in 1970) has been designing and carving wooden masks since he was a child.

Each SaraSari Dream Mask is a masterfully crafted and unique expression of natural Balinese creativity, exoticism and imagination.

Original Dream Mask sculptures represent an exclusive physical manifestation of the spirit world to their creator, Wak Jaka, as well as an abstract expression of Balinese culture. “In Bali, each piece of art has a spirit or soul waiting to come into being,” says Wak, “it joins together with the spirit of its creator during this process.”

Rather than aspiring to replicate more common traditional designs, Wak relies on his years of wood crafting experiences to test his creative limits and introduce innovation to each of his masks.

The wood used for Jaka’s mask sculptures is extracted from the Waru Tree, a plant that is sacred to the Balinese.

Jaka’s merging of delicate aesthetisism with physical forms of expression and nature elements brings to light a pioneering type of contemporary environmental art.

Falling Leaves Selection: 

One is of a masculine face and the other a female. Use as a pair or separate.SaraSari Mask, Falling Leaves, Male

Falling Leaves, Masculine 


Approx 14″




SaraSari Falling Leaves Female Art Mask


Falling Leaves, Female 


Approx 13″