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Whole House or Office EMF Protection

An All-in-One Solution to Neutralize Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home or Office

Whole House EMF ProtectionThe circuitry in the plug itself is permanently encoded with a corrective signal. When you plug the Adapter into a wall socket, it uses the building’s wiring to transport the correcting signal throughout the entire circuit. This signal sets up a corrective resonance designed to convert the dangerous EMF’s into biologically safe, life-enhancing fields!

Safe Space I Whole House Protection Just plug it in and you’re protected

Electrical wiring radiates toxic EMF’s through the walls into every room. Add to plugging in appliances, electronics and wireless gear adds to the EMF generation in the home.


Simplify! Plug in one Whole House Plug In for each electrical panel for protecting that grid. This works because the electrical wiring is interconnected in the wall of your house. This device can transform the waves into beneficial fields. Send a corrective resonance into the electric wiring throughout your space.

Proven to neutralize toxic EMF and restore balance and tranquility to your environment.


Research has shown that electromagnetic radiation impacts the viability and known electrical properties of DNA. Independent laboratory testing shows the Safe Space technology not only reversed the damage but actually improved DNA recovery.