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LifeXplore Apothecary Jar, 1 Liter

The 1 Liter is a very popular size LifeXplore Apothecary Jar; having 6 of these is not too many! They easily store just everything! Think “anti-oxidant glass” for holding nuts, seeds, herbs, teas, super foods, granola, dried fruits, algae, protein powders, baking flours, anything light sensitive.

LifeXplore  Violet 1 liter Apothecary Jar

$48.50 for 1

$250 for 6

Do you have a favorite coffee you wish you could store as beans or grind ahead? No problem, don’t freeze it, just keep on your counter in your LifeXplore Apothecary Jar!

This glass nurtures what it holds, so go ahead and buy in bulk. LifeXplore Apothecary Jar will keep it all at its most vibrant and the ever improving aromas will astound you daily. These Apothecary jars are visually stunning in any room, kitchen or pantry.

LifeXplore Apothecary Jar is created by Miron, a Swiss glass manufacturer that has created the first ever aroma improving, freshness preserving, bio-life enhancing container. Truly violet when held to light, the heirloom quality opaque glass blocks all damaging light and allows beneficial rays to penetrate and vitalize the contents.Light spectrum picture

LifeXplore Apothecary Jar have hand-ground, tapered glass lids to securely seal with gravity. NO rubber gasket. Wash thoroughly before use.

Dishwasher safe. Microwave safe. Freezer safe.

Product in use idea, store coffee!

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