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Home In the Kitchen Water Bottle, 1 Liter

Most often used as an anti-oxidant bottle for cooking & flavor oils; its also great for wine. Rumor has it at a glass a day pace; your wine will taste better on the last day!

1000 ml water

Water can be alive and vital – or it can be dead. Municipal water is clean and safe to drink, and that is good, but it has lost its life, its structure, its ability to fully hydrate us! Revitalize your water by setting fresh filtered or distilled water in the sun.

$18.50 for 1

 $96.00 for 6

The LifeXplore 1 Liter Violet Glass Round Bottle is perfect for vitalizing water, storing distilled water or hold fruit shakes fresher for the week.

You can also use this for bulk infusions of oil, create your own wine with left over reds, and as a drinking vessel.

Here is how light penetrates clear glass and our specialty violet glass:

Violet Glass Vitalization



Violet Glass Bottles