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Seeking Great Products for Life!

LifeXplore is a collection of interesting products as eclectic as the owners! LifeXplore is a trade name of  Nicholas E. Pierce Technologies.

Nicholas E. Pierce Technologies was founded in 2002 as a hardware and network business. As Pierce Technologies has grown, so has our client base. Pierce Technologies supports clients now in both hardware and internet endeavors.

From our various customers, we have found a unique collection of products we’re bringing to you.

The Indonesian Collection is from our contacts overseas in that beautiful country. Our client is an antique dealer and has a workshop that he creates art from reclaimed wood. He scours the islands in Indonesia for the perfect teak wood roots to create candle holders. His artisans take reclaimed railroad ties and make mirrors, benches and other home decor items. A fascinating collection that represents items we have in stock here – Omaha, Nebraska.

The Life Science products originate from another client’s webstore. We have an agreement to offer select items that are instock and available through our LifeXplore webstore.

As we expand, there are clients that produce tea, games, Emu Oil and other great products.

Only time and checking back to see what we have to offer on any day is a changing, unique mix!

If you have any questions about products we represent, more pictures of the art pieces, measurements or product availability inquires, give us a call at 402.884.0030.


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Nicholas E. Pierce Technologies and LifeXplore!